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Today’s fast-paced digital age is driving a wave of technological innovation that is challenging long-standing business models. With MAAK’s largest team of dedicated Business Intelligence experts, MAAK help your organization to turn data into intelligent action; allowing your organization to survive and thrive in the turmoil of the digital age.We are capable of Bridging the Gap between Business and Technology.

We believe that what differentiates a good consultancy from traditional consultancy is by having passion and drive for excellence. It’s a combination of knowledge, experience and good judgment. Generally architectures are built to enable business and we make sure that we understand that business first. We Fix the cause and not just the symptoms. We work with you to design your organisation so that it performs at its best, now and for the long term.

Our designs don't just work on paper, but in practice too. Our impeccable record on implementation, with some of the world's leading companies, proves it.

We get all the elements of your business working brilliantly together so that your organisation is ready to meet its biggest challenges.

We combine business design expertise and innovative thinking with a strong practical focus.

The difference we make

We help you simplify your business by removing unnecessary complexity so you can respond faster to changing customer needs and market trends.

Simplification makes a difference for customers, lowers your costs, makes change easier and empowers employees.

How we’ll work with you

We offer more than pure simplification expertise. Our global team includes sector specialists, so the ideas we bring you will always be relevant and practical. Our diagnostic tools will help you see exactly where complexity is destroying value and what impact reducing it will have.

Here’s what we can do:

Help you make sense of how your market is changing And work out how your strategic and business operations need to change in response

Bring together all the elements of your business in a seamless design How you serve your customers, how you organise and operate, how you use technology and how you make money

Work with you to realise your plans We'll make sure the improvements are embedded deep in your business so they have lasting impact.

We work with you to reduce unnecessary complexity and remove clutter:

• Identify areas of your business that have become overgrown

• Streamline processes and remove unnecessary layers from management structures

• Rationalise your IT framework so that different systems fit together easily.

We can help you rethink how the different bits of your business link up:

• Rationalise product and service offerings and clear away pinch points that have built up with successive changes

• Simplify product and service delivery through modular design, so you can offer choice but with minimal operational complexity

• Understand how your teams and organisational units work together to create value for customers.

And we can help you get ready for the future:

• Explore future scenarios for your markets

• Root out hidden complexity and help you decide how to deal with it

• Understand different ways to address the causes and impact of complexity.


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