As experts in talent identification and capture we have an enviable reputation built on commitment and success.

We provide quality HR services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive work environment. We do this with an emphasis on Technology adequacy basis, on the consultation and communication with the organization's for their HR needs.

Our services consultants have worked in the roles they now recruit for so understand and speak your language. They know where to look and can spot talent.

We’ve been around for decades so know what we are doing. Our systems and processes are slick. Our database of contacts reaches for the sky.

All of this reduces the time to hire and increases the quality of the hire – efficiencies for you and your business.

Permanent Recruitment

Create long-term value with permanent hires that amplify your company culture

We are global specialists in permanent recruitment across the technical and professional sphere, and we have all the tools and expertise you need to find the best people.

Access to talent. We have the widest and most current technical and professional talent pool – our database has over 1.9 million active people. To achieve this volume and quality of candidates is a 24/7 global operation. Our recruitment infrastructure and activity includes:

• Over 100 researchers

• A team of professional recruiters

• Social media and marketing experts and tools

• Continuous presence at specialist industry events

• Regular exhibitions at key industry recruitment fairs

This significant investment enables us to find the elusive and passive candidates most other agencies – and in-house teams – miss.

smooth, simple process. The steps we take to limit a hiring manager’s time and effort during the recruitment journey:

• Run a detailed vacancy scoping session

• Conduct a consultative CV review

• Manage an efficient interview process

Efficiency and quality are guaranteed. we won’t waste your time with unsuitable candidates. Because we put in the groundwork to fully understand the role and your business, we can screen and qualify each candidate effectively – leaving you to choose the best of the best.

Excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction with our services is exemplary, with our client surveys returning over 95% positive feedback. We are committed to a great experience for both the hiring manager and candidates. And, as the employer brand ambassadors for many leading companies through our RPO services, we understand the link between our service and our client’s reputation.

Technical expertise. Our consultants receive over 120 hours of technical training in their specialism. The benefit to you: you only receive screened candidates with capabilities that match the role.

Negotiation and onboarding.. Finding the right person is only half the story. Through our careful management of the candidate, we ensure 95% of selected candidates accept their offers. And in a tightening labour market, gaining acceptance is getting harder.

Next step is getting your new hires productive, this can be accelerated through a great onboarding experience. We have a range of services to help your new hires get up to speed, for example:

• Bespoke induction programmes

• Facilities set up

• Training: technical, compliance or cultural

• Welcome events

Contract Recruitment

Seamless delivery of a flexible workforce

Your need for contract staff will range from operational support, to niche specialists who are capable of leading strategic projects. Project People’s experience and scale can accommodate each scenario – and everything in-between – details of how are listed below:

Global presence. We can supply you with contractors worldwide through our 30 local entities, and our network of payroll and legal partners. So, no matter how many countries your projects span, you'll have expert contractors on the ground while we take care of all their administration.

Scale and efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a single contractor or 100, we have the infrastructure, the capacity and access to talent to fill your roles swiftly with high-quality specialists. And our ongoing support ensures the contactors are engaged and motivated throughout their assignment with you.

Excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction with our services is exemplary, with our client surveys returning over 95% positive feedback. We are committed to delivering a great experience for both the hiring manager and contractors.

Access to talent. We have the widest, most carefully maintained technical and professional talent pool - our database has over 1.9 million active people, and is kept up to date by a team of 100 researchers.

Technical expertise. Our consultants receive over 120 hours of technical training in their specialism. The benefit to you: you only receive screened contractors with capabilities that match the role, and who are productive from day one.

Compliance is guaranteed. As well as delivering contractors, we also provide peace of mind. Our rigorous compliance procedure screens every contractor before they start an assignment. Our contractor management system is meticulous in ensuring every associated document is completed and stored. Our systems and diligence provide you with a fully auditable trail, quickly and easily

We providing the following services

Streamline your recruitment, lower your costs and secure higher quality talent

Take your business to the next level by sourcing your workforce through one of our RPO packages. We offer a traditional end-to-end solution, which places our team within your business and reports to HR, or alternatively, we can provide a modular and flexible arrangement, designed around a particular workforce segment, specialism, seniority or business unit.

Whichever level of service you choose, the workforce we provide will boost your growth. By outsourcing your recruitment and talent management to Project People, you can expect it to be handled by dedicated recruitment professionals. The three ingredients that drive our consultants’ success are:

1. Integrated relationships, through on-site support

2. Service delivered by experts who are targeted on results

3. Value-add services that enhance every aspect of your workforce’s productivity

Let us take a weight off your shoulders

In many cases, significant recruitment activity is pushed onto HR or hiring managers, regardless of their level of recruitment expertise or resources. This distraction can hamper progress towards core business objectives.

You will have complete control of your recruitment through our integrated recruiters and optional on-site support consultants working through a Project People satellite office.

Having convenient access to our recruitment professionals allows you to quickly pass on the full complexity of your requirements

Consequently, our highly responsive on-site team will swiftly deliver candidates that accurately match the job spec and your business culture perfectly. Critical factors in getting new hires productive quickly.

Work with specialists who know and care about your business

When you engage us for an RPO programme, you’re accessing some of the most dedicated and client-focused account management professionals in the industry. You will benefit from a lasting and productive relationship with our account team. How can we be so sure? Well, our account team retention is 95%. A fact that explains our above-average client tenure: nine years.

Success with our clients is also driven through our carefully calibrated reward scheme, which is designed to motivate us to deliver long-term results.

Driving your results through value-add services

Undoubtedly, your recruitment and talent management will improve through our efficient, cost-effective and personal service, but to really elevate your results, you can choose from our RPO programmes, which include:

• Employer Brand Management

• Premium Screening

• Talent Management (internal staff)

We ensure the key messages that make your workplace attractive to the best candidates in the business are heard loud and clear. Working with your leadership team, we can develop a tailored employee value proposition (EVP) strategy. Our EVP will uncover the rational and emotional benefits that matter to your people. And then, through consistent, clear and compelling messaging, our sales and marketing will build a powerful attraction campaign to appeal to each talent segment.

Flawless recruitment is only achieved when every touchpoint has been optimised. We help you achieve this with:

• Hiring manager interview training and support

• Role-specific assessment centers

• Benchmarked technical testing

Our scientific and proven recruitment methodologies are constantly updated with insights gleaned from our operations across the globe in a variety of sectors. The result? A shortened selection process with higher quality candidates and reduced staff churn.

In addition to assessing your external talent, we can help you make the most of your current workforce. Our internal mobility support will help you identify the high-potential colleagues you can fast-track for leadership roles. By analysing vacancies that can be filled by existing people, your search for a replacement starts at a lower level – often an easier and faster way of sourcing.

Recruitment Managed Services

Savings, efficiencies and compliance guaranteed

The case for allocating your Recruitment Managed Services to Project People.

First and foremost, you will make substantial financial savings when you consolidate your recruitment suppliers through us. These savings will be realised directly through reduced agency fees, and indirectly by reducing the burden on management and administrators, thus saving time all round. Also, compliance moves from being a patchwork of standards, to the highest standard applied consistently.

Typical scenarios companies ask us to provide managed recruiter service:

• Unwieldy supplier list that is hard to measure for value

• No formal supplier list in place

• Bring recruitment costs under control

• Alignment with in-house teams

• Reduce compliance risks

An optimised supply chain

When you trust Project People to provide an end-to-end managed service programme, the hassle of dealing with multiple agency relationships disappears. We act as your single point of contact, and we engage, onboard and manage your existing suppliers against measurable service levels. Furthermore, we analyse and fill gaps in your supply chain with either our own expert recruitment capability or specialists from our portfolio of trusted suppliers.

Measurable cost savings

As a master vendor, economies of scale allow us to supply you at our most preferential rate; a rate that makes each new placement more cost effective than the last. But if you aren’t looking for a new umbrella supplier, and simply want a better deal from the agencies you already work with, our negotiating expertise will provide you harmony and value across all your agency rates.

For even more substantial savings, transferring existing contractors to Project People’s industry- leading payroll can trim millions from the annual cost of your external workforce. We are experts in contractor novation (transferring contracts) and we simply don’t expose our customers to attrition – people don’t leave because we ask them to move to us. In fact they are likely to stay longer and perform better because we look after our contractors throughout their careers.

We know contractors value the fact that we never miss salary payments, and many of them appreciate our on-site surgeries.

Culture and technology for compliance

We know one of the greatest challenges when working with a large supply chain is standardised compliance; be it adherence to fiscal legislation or careful background screening. At Project People, we train all suppliers in the use of iResource, our contractor management, applicant tracking, document storage and time-sheet portal.

This system guarantees every necessary document for every contractor is stored and is easily accessible. Useful for compliance audits or just to check for peace of mind.

The whole recruitment process is visible from start to finish, and all of our activity on your behalf can be viewed as clear, digestible management information that keeps you on top of all your resourcing. iResource handles consolidated invoicing too, so your accounts department has one invoice a month to deal with rather than the vast numbers that multiple suppliers can often generate.

The service models we deliver to suit your business

You can choose from a variety of industry-leading models or tailor one to your exact needs.

We enjoy building longstanding relationships because it provides us with a deep understanding who you are, what you are aiming for, and just as importantly, what you want to avoid. This insight allows us to deliver a service that is as unique as it is effective.

Master vendor managed service

A workforce management solution that can include contractors being payrolled, screened, onboarded and relationship managed. This option can also include managing the performance of supply chain, which includes consolidated invoicing and streamlined reporting. The organisations that benefit from this service have a large volume of similar roles.

• Economies of scale enable the best pricing

• Motivated lead supplier

• Potential onsite support

Vendor neutral managed service

We administer the supply chain on your behalf; designed to suit large organisations with many locations and requirements.

• Competitive margins

• Range of suppliers

• Simple automated processes

Tailored hybrid managed service

Blend between master vendor in some categories and vendor neutral in others. Adapted to suit the needs of large, complex organisations.

• Single point of contact

• Close critical relationships

• Value and quality optimised across the business


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