Natural Search (SEO)

No guess work. No replication. Just tailored solutions to meet your SEO needs. Using advanced SEO techniques, for desktop and mobile, we give your site the building blocks it needs to succeed and the powerful sustainability to reach and retain the top positions.


The very best practice SEO is what it takes to get to the top of search engines and, importantly, to stay there. Unlike Paid Search, this is marketing space that simply can’t be bought. SEO is driven by ever-changing search engine algorithms, from social influence to local search relevancy. This makes SEO both hugely competitive yet multi-faceted. It takes structure, discipline and a thorough understanding of both the SEO and social spheres to create an SEO strategy that truly delivers, over and over again.

Proven Results

With so many companies offering ‘SEO Services’ it can be difficult to tell who can actually make a difference to your website and rankings. We have a portfolio of clients, a suite of leading tools and, most importantly, a long list of tangible results. Challenge us to introduce you to one of our clients for whom we have delivered exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Tailored Solutions

Found brings you innovative research, optimization and reporting to deliver you a greater return for every click and to show you exactly where you are making the most return on your investment across desktop and mobile search. No matter how big or small your campaign, we guarantee a tailored solution to fit your needs. No guess work, no cut and paste processing; just real analysis and real results. Through our advanced SEO techniques within our ProFound system we will give your site the injection it needs to get to the top of the results, and to stay there.

SEO Full Service

  On-Page Consultation

  SEO Planning for new builds

  SEO Copywriting

  SEO For Ecommerce Websites

  Analytics Optimization

  Local SEO Optimization

  International SEO Planning

  International SEO Implementation

  Server Domain Configuration

  Social Media Optimization

  CMS Optimization

  Multi-lingual SEO

  Mobile SEO


  SEO Healthcheck

  SEO On Page

 SEO Link

  SEO Social

SEO On-page

Creating the Building Blocks to Succeed

Continual on-page and technical optimisation is key to any successful SEO strategy .It’s a simple case of laying the foundations to ensure a sturdy and weather-resistant campaign.

Found continually ensures all key content & technical factors are aligned so we can effectively meet the site objectives. We can work directly on your site, with your developers or with your web management agency.

SEO Link

The Backbone of Credibility & Relevance

Links have become a critical element in how search engines determine natural search rankings. They are the backbone of relevancy and credibility in a busy search sphere.

From directory submissions to guest blogging, acquiring relevant links to relevant pages on your website will help to elevate your rankings for search terms that are most relevant to your brand.

From content creation to commenting and article distribution, Found will hone a strategy around your target keywords, whilst managing your brand within the guidelines you command. Links provide the search engines with the independent ‘thumbs up’ that your site is both of quality and relevance so it’s imperative your link strategy is created with this in mind.

Real-time Algorithm Monitoring

It’s imperative to know when there has been an algorithm change within the engines. We monitor and act quickly to ensure any changes do not have an negative impact on your website’s performance.

Competitor & Market Analysis

Know your market and know your competitors. By adopting this mantra, we ensure we are plotting a way forward to always be ahead of the crowd and ahead of the competition.

Advanced Keyword Optimization

Using advanced LSI Tactics, we don’t just scatter keywords over your site and hope for the best, we position them strategically whilst considering their placement within the code; the only way to ensure your pages are perfectly optimized for success.

Back link Breakdown

We ensure we pinpoint the links that give your competitors strength to ensure we can identify the power links that will move you swiftly up the rankings. Not only that, we then merge these keywords into our strategy to create a bespoke Back link programme that works.

Social Media & SEO

Knowing where your audiences are and what they are talking about is essential to SEO success. Armed with this information, we are able to create the content your audiences are seeking, resulting in all-important links to your site.

SEO Healthcheck

Full Site Audits

You know you need SEO, but perhaps you don’t know how well your site is structured; how strong the links are; how good the content is; how optimised your site already is?

There is a plethora of questions you may need answering before you embark on an SEO campaign; that’s why we offer SEOHealthcheck, to provide you with a full audit of your site before you plough any money into strategy and growth.

Healthcheck Services :

  Keyword Research Review

  Usability Review

  SEO Accessibility Review

  Site Speed Optimisation

  Content Quality & Balance

  Link Appraisal

  Technical Review

  SEO Best Practice

  Duplicate Content


SEO Social

Integrated Social & SEO Approach

Social media is a facet of digital that cannot be ignored when devising an SEO strategy. It is fast becoming a huge influence in SEO results, contributing significantly to where your website is going to rank.

Social recommendations bring value. Social commentary brings relevancy. Being able to respond quickly to social comments with brilliant and unique content will achieve strong back links coupled with authority.

As the search engines continue to embrace the influence of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it is important that you have an integrated approach to your social presence and the impact it has on your search listings.

Paid Search (PPC)

Best practice PPC is what it takes to get ahead of the competition and, most importantly, to stay there. Multi award-winning for our search campaigns, we know it is results and return on investment that count. Found brings you innovative research, optimization and reporting to provide you with a greater return for every click


Paid Search & return on investment go hand in hand. There is no other advertising channel that you can measure return on investment as accurately as you can on the search space. And there is no other channel where you can scale the return on investment so precisely. Found adopts best-practice PPC methods to ensure we get the most out of your Paid Search campaign.

Adwords Professionals

All of our analysts are Adwords Professionals, qualifications that are vigilantly taken by the team twice a year. Upon joining Found, every analyst enters the Analyst Academy which encompasses training in cost-per-acquisition campaigns, ensuring the analyst is fully focused on the return on investment model. This enables them to not only develop their strategic skills and our database of tactical knowledge, but also ensures they live and breathe optimization and sales maximization.

Proven Results

With so many companies offering ‘PPC Services’ it can be difficult to tell who will actually manage your campaign effectively. We have a portfolio of happy clients, a suite of leading tools and, most importantly, a long list of tangible results. Challenge us to introduce you to one of our clients for whom we have delivered exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to oblige.

PPC Full Service

Competitive Research

We use competitive intelligence to benchmark your brand against your competitors and to audit your environment. Then we set out to gain you more market share and to devise a strategy bespoke to your website and your market place.

Keyword Generation

With access to a database of approximately 1 billion keywords, we identify keywords across the whole customer buying cycle, analyzing and segmenting them into core target groups.


We determine exactly how your campaign should be targeted; from location and language to devices and search engine selection.


We test multiple ad copy variations to determine which ad will drive the highest possible click-through and conversion rate. We also run ad extension testing to calculate the true value of the search engines’ latest functionality.

Campaign Expansion

Keyword generation is not a one-time occurrence, it is ever-evolving. As the search landscape is constantly changing, new search terms and customer behavior needs to be capitalized upon.


Filters & rules allow us to influence bids at keyword level. We develop complex, customized optimization systems to ensure our target ROIs are achieved at the most granular level possible.

PPC Healthcheck

Full Campaign Audits

It is rare for a company not to have embarked upon Paid Search in some form or another, whether it be through an internal team or through an agency.

Have you got a sense that there is probably more you can get from your campaign, or for your money, but you’re not sure what that is? Have you lost faith in the way your campaign is currently performing?

We offer PPC Healthcheck, to provide you with a full audit of your existing campaign so you can understand the opportunities available.

PPC Protect

Being the brand owner doesn’t give you any special rights over ad placement so there is a real danger of being ousted by your competitors in the search engines, even if the user is looking for you!

Are you leaking Traffic?

Did you know that at any one time, a user is searching on your brand terms, yet 30%* of those users are not clicking on your advert? They’re clicking on your competitors’ sites instead. We can run a simple Hitwise check for you to show how much of your brand traffic is being leaked to the competition. *Found client research through competitive intelligence platform, Hitwise.

We can run a simple check for you, through Hitwise, to show you exactly how much of your brand traffic – yes searches whereby users are looking for your site – is being leaked to the competition.

Branded Landing Pages

Ensuring you are in control of your online real estate is an essential part of your digital strategy. The open nature of the search space allows for fantastic opportunities but also leaves you exposed to competitors and resellers muscling in on your territory.

Our experience in dominating search landscapes means we can knock pretenders aside and keep you firmly in the top spots. We have a long track record of success in supporting existing campaigns or chasing the competition away with superb branded landing pages and microsites.

Healthcheck Services :

  •  Architectural review
  •  Structural performance
  •  Keyword density
  •  Negative match testing
  •  Competitive marketplace research
  •  Quality score assessment
  •  Opportunity analysis

Full Service includes:

  •  Campaign healthcheck
  •  Competitive research
  •  Strategy & tactics
  •  Keyword generation
  •  Campaign targeting
  •  Adcopy creation
  •  Creative testing
  •  Adcopy extensions
  •  Bid optimisation
  •  Click path analysis
  •  Equity weighting
  •  Architectural structure
  •  Match type / keyword mining
  •  Day parting
  •  ProFound reporting

PPC Mobile

Get Mobile with Mobile

Mobile PPC, like desktop PPC, is the management of sponsored results or adverts, within mobile search results pages, such as Google.

Mobile advertising is a must for any business, to ensure continued reach. Working on a pay-per-click basis, like desktop search, each advert contains a headline, description and telephone number plus the option of a link to the website being promoted.

Mobile ads demand skilled copywriting (due to the limited space), optimization and key wording to ensure you receive maximum coverage at a highly efficient cost.

It Pays to have a Mobile Site

Many mobile search users are utilizing their mobile for instant results: whether it be to get up to date train times or to send flowers to a loved one. One thing that resonates across all actions on a mobile is ease of use.

It is imperative that mobile customers are able to navigate to the content they want quickly. That’s why we firmly believe every website should have their own mobile site, giving users less information but a much quicker route to conversion.

Found will happily advise you on your website or even create mobile landing pages for you. Having recently won Best Mobile Campaign at the UK Search Awards, we know how to ensure your mobile site becomes a highly-converting mobile site.


Pay-per-call is a simple way of enabling customers to reach you quickly. Mobile generally demands more urgency from the time-conscious mobile searcher.

Pay per call enables you to embed a trackable phone number on your website, or even within your mobile advert, meaning the user doesn’t even have to click to your site to convert.

PPC Leadgen

Short-term, Tailored Campaign Management

Whether you need to generate online registrations, build up an e-mail databases, or encourage online users to engage offline, we have a solution that fits. Lead generation is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach prospective new customers and you only pay for each lead we deliver.

Whether you’re running a short term campaign or have a longer-term goal, through search, social and mobile marketing, Found can quickly devise a strategy to meet your campaign needs.

Leadgen Services:

  •  Customised campaign management
  •  Reliable tracking & reporting
  •  Mobile lead generation solutions
  •  Data capturing
  •  Website creation
  •  Social lead solutions


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